Sep 15, 2009

Mason Spyware Update

MUST (now SNAP) is still in operation. Super user privileges along with unverified certificates means anyone could hack student computers. The alternative, a student driven program called "Gilgamesh" is coming along nicely. Get it here. Alex Schoof has joined with a promise to create a Linux GUI version. We're looking for beta testers. And if you use Vista 64 bit or Windows 7, you might not have a choice. Give us a try!

Yahoo! Answers and Stack Overflow are prime examples of the resourcefulness of ordinary people. The model: one person asks a question, a dozen experts answer. With a worldwide population approaching seven billion, odds are someone on the planet can help.

In particular, Yahoo! Answers and Stack Overflow offer advice on dating and programming respectively. Kind of like a wiki for every question that pops into your head. Cha-Cha has made a business out of it.

Introducing Got It

Pop the champagne, our servers are now online! Got It is a competitor to both Answers and Overflow. Got It combines answers from any website, a meta answer service. Ask it a question and it returns dozens of helpful results, sorted by relevance and popularity.

How do I use it?

Got It was designed with simplicity in mind. Take the most important words from your question and hit Search. For example, if you want to know "Who is the current U.S. President?" then you would drop out the small words and search for " current u.s. president". Case doesn't matter.

New Ad-Supported Abilities

How do we pay for Got It? With ads of course. But these are not ordinary ads. Instead of trying to sell you a product, Got It ads try to sell you an answer. They link to paid answer services such as Experts Exchange.

If you like these services, you're going to love Got It. We don't charge a thing, so make like a tap dancer and click, click, click those ads!

Open for Business

Now that you're interested—we know you're still reading—give it a try.

Aug 3, 2009

Twitter icon

Philippe Archambault made a nifty Twitter icon with a tooltip using only CSS. Here's a modified version that is safe for Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Dillo, Konqueror, ... the list goes on.